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Seek out a certified Reflexologist!

Let’s imagine you’re walking down the street, and you see a sign advertising in big bold letters Jenny’s Wellness Studio $10 for a Reflexology Session. Stop for a minute and ask yourself: “is Jenny certified to do reflexology?” Buyer beware because if she’s not, as you’ll get what you pay for.

Asking this initial begs other questions to be asked such as: “why does getting certified in reflexology, or in any skill, matter?” Would you want to seek out the care of a physical trainer, plumber, dietician, dentist, or reflexologist who isn’t certified? Standards matter, otherwise anyone could and would open a law practice, a physiotherapy studio, a beauty salon, a real estate company, etc.

There are many good reasons to become certified. First and foremost, certification equals quality. Getting certified by an accredited institution ensures that you have a strong, well-rounded foundational knowledge in the subject you are aiming to practice. No matter the field, getting certified demonstrates to clients that you are disciplined and serious about your career, and have the skills and abilities to be trusted to deliver good and credible service. I trust that most people would say they “want” to be served by someone who is certified in their trade.

For myself, when I moved back to Canada, I took the necessary steps to become a certified or Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (or RCRT) with the Reflexology Association of Canada (or RAC). These credentials matter to me and my clients. Being certified acknowledges that I possess the appropriate education and training required to competently practice reflexology. My credentials also reveal that I adhere to the highest standards of training, conduct, and ethics. In Canada, all Reflexology Therapists (like me) are required to pass an RCRT Examination, that has both a theoretical and practical component, in order to qualify and become a professional member of RAC.

So, when seeking out treatment by a Reflexologist, be sure to ask early on: “are you RCRT certified?”

When in Calgary, contact me as it’ll be my pleasure to treat you, making you aware of the wondrous benefits of this ancient healing art.


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