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September is Reflexology Awareness Month!

I’m declaring September as Reflexology Awareness Week, even though Reflexology Therapists celebrate World Reflexology Week the last week of the month or this year September 23rd – 29th, 2019. 

Why not?  It’s worth celebrating the numerous benefits that reflexology has on the body. Reflexology takes a holistic approach to stimulating the body’s reflex points, through gentle pressure and massage, to help your body:

  • alleviate stress, anxiety, depression
  • boost the immune system
  • clear urinary infections
  • ease aches and pains
  • improve circulation
  • increase energy levels
  • prevent headaches and migraines
  • sleep better, and more!

Reflexology is my passion. My vision aims at integrating reflexology within the Calgary community’s everyday health regime, because it offers natural methods to self-treat and self-heal our bodies. I aim to broaden the awareness on its benefits by giving presentations, teaching workshops, and speaking at events. My dream is for people to learn about and adopt the many health benefits that reflexology provides.

My mission is to help people step forward to better health each day. I try my best to help my clients learn how possible it is to live happy, healthy and pain-free through reflexology. Celebrate your good health through reflexology by taking advantage of my “September Super Special:

60-minutes of Classic Foot Reflexology for $60 (plus GST)

Treat yourself. Book an appointment with me today at Calgary Sports Health & Performance!


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