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Have a look at what I offer to learn how reflexology can help you!


Wide ranging benefits and long-lasting results.

Let’s talk about reflexology! The theory behind this ancient form of body work (or massage) is that the body will nurture and repair itself once released from stress. Beyond putting you in a state of deep relaxation, reflexology may benefit with pain reduction, circulation, facial beauty, and much more.

Lis’ Services

In a typical reflexology session I gently and carefully use my hands, to assist in apply pressure to targeted reflex points on feet. The theory supporting this therapeutic art is that we have reflex points that correspond to the body’s organs (liver, kidneys, lungs etc.) and systems of the body (lymphatic, endocrine, muscular, etc.), so by applying pressure to these reflexes we are positively affecting our organs.

The toxins produced when our body’s energy is out-of-balance impacts our entire health. When stressed, our body copes by producing short term defense mechanisms. Over time, if not treated holistically, these toxins can have serious long term affects such as heart disease, ulcers, stroke, and other complications. When you are in sync, meaning when you are relaxed and your energy is balanced, your body works more efficiently so you are able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Package Deals available year-round:

  • Package of 3 x 60-minute Classic Reflexology Sessions: $215
  • Package of 5 x 60-minute Classic Reflexology Sessions: $350

Contact me to schedule a package deal for you today!

“In 2000 I had an epidural to remove a tumor in my bladder, the next morning my toes and soles on both feet were numb. This never went away obviously they had hit my spine. Ten years later I decided to try reflexology. After my first treatment I had quite noticeable relief. After the second treatment my left foot was nearly normal again, my right foot is noticeably better and I will continue the treatments. I would recommend trying reflexology to anyone with foot problems.”

Ray Sailer, Calgary, Alberta

Beyond helping to relieve stress and tension, what other benefits does reflexology offer?

I am happy to tell you that reflexology is a non-evasive therapy used to alleviate so many common ailments, from headaches to sinus congestion, from sore aching feet to sore throats, insomnia, constipation, and more. Read my blog to learn about all the wonderful ways reflexology contributes to your well-being and improves your quality of life.

Believe it and feel it! Dien Chan, also called facial or multi-reflexology, is here in Calgary to serve you.

Similar to the principles that support reflexology, facial reflexology focuses on manipulating 257 points and reflex zones (see illustration below) located in the face. Simulating them with hands and gentle tools helps alleviate neck and back pain, and other discomforts. It’s aim is to promote facial rejuvenation, as well as bolster the state of our health and well-being. To more fully describe it:

By combining the theories of I-Ching and Tao, and relying on detailed observation of similarities and differences in facial shape, plus clinical trials on thousands of patients, Professor Châu created a map to show the fixed points of his system called Dien Chan. In 1984, he proved that pressure point simulation has rapid and profound effects. As a result, he no longer needed to use acupuncture needles in his treatments.

Professor Châu created 25 diagrams or face charts to illustrate various ways to receive relief from:

  • Migraines;
  • Digestive complaints;
  • Lumbago;
  • Poor circulation;
  • Cramps;
  • Sciatica;
  • Torticollis or twisted neck;
  • Weight los;s
  • Wrinkle removal;
  • Cellulite loss; and many more distresses.

In partnership with using hands, fingers and thumbs to stimulate the facial reflex points, gentle tools are used too.

This equipment is handmade by artisans in Vietnam, who use only sustainable materials such as wood, horn (recovered from farm animals at the end of their natural life), and high quality metals.

Learn how to do some simple daily facial massages to keep you feeling fresh and toned. Plus learn how to use some of the multireflexology facial and body tools to keep your muscles toned and relaxed:

How-to Videos, provided by the International School of Multireflexology. Doing these daily massages are useful to maintain health, youth, prevent illness, and to reinforce muscle and skin tone.

Facial Tools: I invite you to watch me demonstrate how to use the Dien Chan multireflexology tools:

Indian Foot Massage also known as Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage, or Padabhyanga Massage, is lusciously therapeutic. It emerges out of India where Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, was developed. The health of your feet mirror your general health as foot ailments can be in initial signs that other health problems are emerging. Therefore, by massaging your feet I’m treating your whole body as your nerves, blood and lymph vessels run up and down your spine to all the other regions of your body.

Indian Foot Massage is given while you lie on a massage table. The treatment includes using a small metal bowl, made of copper, tin and zinc, and warm ghee or clarified butter. The treatment begins with some relaxing foot and lower leg massage. The heart of the therapy involves rubbing the soles of the feet with this bowl, ending with a sequence of further massages. This entire treatment aims to detoxify and re-balance the body’s energy.


  • Improve blood/lymph circulation;
  • Improve joint mobility;
  • Soothe an agitated mind;
  • Reduce eyestrain;
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression;
  • Relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulders;
  • Generate the conditions for a sound sleep.

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, Champi, Ayurvedic Head Massage, or as Healing Head Massage, is a lusciously therapeutic. It emerges out of India where Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, was developed. This therapy concentrates on massaging the face, head/scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper back and arms. What better way to be awarded the release of stress and tension in these body regions that often can be so stiff and sore? As we know, the brain is the core of the nervous system. By massaging the scalp and neck, I’m treating your whole body as your nerves, blood and lymph vessels run down your spine to all the other regions of your body.

Indian Head Massage is given while you’re seated and over your clothing so it’s very easy to administer. There are numerous benefits from receiving head massage. These include: stress relief by breaking down knots and nodules in muscle tissue, promotes a clearer mind where you feel refreshed, awake and uplifted, stimulates blood circulation, plus it’s beneficial for hair growth and shine. Indian Head Massage may be applied to relieve:

  • Eye strain;
  • Tension headaches and the onset of migraines;
  • Earaches and tinnitus;
  • Jaw ache;
  • Sinus congestion;
  • Insomnia.

Indian Head Massage is not for everyone. You should not request this session if you suffer from any of these conditions:

  • Any recent head or neck injury, including whiplash or concussion;
  • Severe bruising in the head, upper arms, neck and spine;
  • Infectious skin and scalp disorders;
  • Cuts and abrasions to the head, neck, upper arms;
  • Having undergone a recent operation;
  • High temperature, illness and fever;
  • Cancer or any other serious medical condition;
  • Osteoporosis.

“Lis is a professional. Her excellent knowledge, her techniques, and her studio environment are superb. I feel rejuvenated and like I am walking on two fluffy pillows (not my feet) when I leave her treatment. I highly recommend her!”

Lori A, Calgary, Alberta

“Lis has been an wonderful asset to Wellspring Calgary. Her reliability, professionalism and dedication to our members has sincerely been appreciated. We thank her for her gift of time and talent. We are truly fortunate to count Lis as a member of our team.”

Wellspring Calgary, Cancer Support Center

This is a complementary health support therapy for those experiencing infertility issues, and for pregnant women but is not a substitute for obstetric or medical care.

In order to acquire a deep and calming state of relaxation, which is the perfect stage to enter in order to conceive, couples are reaching out to gain the benefits of fertility reflexology. Stress is an enemy. Staying calm, feeling good, and maintaining balance gives couples the optimum chance of conceiving. There is no better way to de-stress and re-balance your body than to do it the natural way through the gentle touch of reflexology. Pre-conceptual care is all about preparing the body, mind and spirit for the miracle of conceiving. Both men and women are encouraged to have reflexology treatments to help stimulate his healthy sperm production, and regulate her menstrual cycle.



Pregnancy should never be considered an ailment or a burden. It is a very special time in a woman’s life. Yes, pregnancy is a long period that can be tiring; it involves having raging emotions, fear, anxiety and stress. I try to put in a lot of time and effort into educating expectant mothers about how it’s possible to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy, and create the best environment for a safe and successful birth. The hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy provoke many physiological changes. When the following symptoms appear, reflexology can help to restore homeostasis or balance to the body, working to alleviate:

Anemia, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, edema, blood pressure issues, constipation, hemorrhoids, and backache.

Reflexology to induce labour is used to help deliver a child using acupressure points and other reflexology techniques to provide a woman with one of the more enjoyable, calming and pleasing methods used to aid labour. Naturally induced labour using reflexology works best when the expectant mother and baby are ready for birth. This method often help prepare the cervix to ripen so labour is quicker and easier. This is for women who are overdue and want to start labour the natural way.

Reflexology energizes you. It gives you a healthier and often easier pregnancy with the added benefit of offering a greater chance of experiencing a shorter, easier labour and post-natal recovery. Scheduling a few reflexology sessions while you are pregnant is the perfect opportunity to unwind and focus on yourself and your unborn child.

Reflexology is one of the safest most supportive therapies for pregnant women AND is effective postpartum too both mother and baby. When you are both are calm and relaxed it helps to ensure better mother-child bonding, and easier breastfeeding. It assists with:

  • The baby latching on;
  • Post-epidural pain;
  • Recovery following a cesarean birth;
  • Calms and relaxes and revitalizes mother and baby;
  • Balances and harmonizes the body and mind after giving birth.

“I had the pleasure of working with Lis during my second and third trimester of my pregnancy. With this being my first baby, my body was constantly changing and my back and hips began to feel a lot of discomfort and pain. After seeing a chiropractor unsuccessfully for over six weeks I thought I would try some maternity reflexology as I heard good things and it seemed to relate to my belief systems about how the body and mind is connected.

To my surprise, from the very first visit I felt a big change. My back and hips almost immediately started to feel loose allowing more movement and much less pain. I also felt an incredible sense of relaxation before, after, and during our sessions which was something I began to really look forward to on a weekly basis.

I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy one day after my due date. Three days prior I had seen Lis and asked her to do a treatment specifically to help along and perhaps induce labour as I was ready to give birth. I remember leaving the session feeling almost light headed and so relaxed and at peace. Lis mentioned to me that she worked on my uterus and used a lot of compassion during our session and to this day I truly believe she did. It was one of the most powerful and beautiful sessions we had ever shared.

My labour and birth was nothing short of incredible. I was in labour for just under seven hours from start to finish and was able to endure the whole process drug free. It was the hardest test I had ever put my body through physically, and I was able to meditate through the very intense and frequent contractions. My sister and husband who were by my side the whole time said it was almost as if I had left the room during the contractions as my mind and focus went to another place.

I believe my labour and delivery story was as successful as it was because of the work I had done with Lis during my pregnancy. Reflexology prepared me for the birth of my son not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Being connected to your body the way you are in a session with Lis brings great benefits to your health and I am forever grateful for having her in my life.”

Kelley Abbey, Calgary, Alberta

In a typical reflexology session, Lis will apply pressure using her fingers and thumbs to the reflex points that are specific to the pain you’re experiencing, whether you have neck and shoulder pain, sore feet, back pain, insomnia, headaches or migraines, and more. Reflexology works with the central nervous system. It’s a form of bodywork where gentle to firm pressure is applied to specific areas or reflex points on the face and feet that, when targeted, transmit a calming message to the central nervous system.

The body responds in kind by adjusting its pain, stress, and tension levels. Don’t live through the pain. Instead, let reflexology alleviate your pain to enhance your health and well-being.


“I have been a client of Lis’s for well over a year. She is a very professional, compassionate person and I can say that I feel my overall health has improved because of her treatments. She is very knowledgeable and I feel confident that her treatment is helping me move in the right direction for my health.” ~ Monica S.