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Ask for this Summer Special to be ready for all the joys that the season brings!

Summer’s 60-Minute Special: Facial & Classic Foot Reflexology Combo

This summer I’m offering a spring special that combines two stress relieving modalities. Start off by enjoying 30-minutes of gently stimulating Facial Reflexology, during which I’ll use my hands and small tools to gently stimulate the reflex points on your scalp and face to manage:  crows’ feet, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, saggy skin, and worry lines. Next, experience the refreshing delights Classic Foot Reflexology has to offer, which is designed to: ease aches and pains, improve circulation, boost the immune system, alleviate stress, depression, and more! 

Love yourself this summer by experiencing this 60-minute luxury package for $95 (plus GST) a 25% discount! Contact me, Lis Kunzi, today at Calgary Sports Health + Performance.

Indian Foot Massage also known as Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage, or Padabhyanga Massage, is lusciously therapeutic. It emerges out of India where Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, was developed. The health of your feet mirror your general health as foot ailments can be in initial signs that other health problems are emerging. Therefore, by massaging your feet I’m treating your whole body as your nerves, blood and lymph vessels run up and down your spine to all the other regions of your body. Indian Foot Massage is given while you lie on a massage table. The treatment includes using a small metal bowl, made of copper, tin and zinc, and warm ghee or clarified butter. The treatment begins with some relaxing foot and lower leg massage. The heart of the therapy involves rubbing the soles of the feet with this bowl, ending with a sequence of further massages. This entire treatment aims to detoxify and re-balance the body’s energy.

In a typical reflexology session I gently and carefully use my hands to massage your feet. The theory supporting this art is that we have reflex points that correspond to the body’s organs (liver, kidneys, lungs etc.) and systems of the body (lymphatic, endocrine, muscular, etc.), so by applying pressure to these reflexes we are positively affecting our organs.

The toxins produced when our body’s energy is out-of-balance impacts our entire health. When stressed, our body copes by producing short term defense mechanisms. Over time, if not treated holistically, these toxins can have serious long term affects such as heart disease, ulcers, stroke, and other complications. When you are in sync, meaning when you are relaxed and your energy is balanced, your body works more efficiently so you are able to enjoy life to its fullest.