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Ask for my season special by name when booking. Celebrate health with reflexology no matter the time of year!

Seasonal Specials: Winter ◊ Spring ◊ Summer ◊ Fall

Listed below are my seasonal specials. Contact me, Lis Kunzi, at Calgary Sports Health + Performance to book an appointment

WINTER Special: January 1 – March 31 …  Shake off the winter blues!

Combines classic Foot Reflexology & Indian Head Massage 75-minutes for $95 +GST


SPRING Special: April 1 – June 30 …  Get your body realigned & energized for spring!

Combines Indian Head Massage & Facial (or Dien Chan) Reflexology 60-minutes for $95 +GST


SUMMER Special: July 1 – August 31 …  Rejuvenate & bounce through each sunny day!

Combines classic Foot Reflexology & Facial (or Dien Chan) Reflexology 60-minutes for $95 + GST


SEPTEMBER Special: September 1 – 30 …  Take advantage of this celebratory discount!

Celebrating Worldwide Reflexology Awareness: Classic Foot Reflexology 60-minutes for $60 + GST


FALL Special: October 1 – November 30 … Give your body & mind a boost!

 Combines Facial (or Dien Chan) Reflexology & Indian Foot Massage 75-minutes for $95 + GST


DECEMBER Special: December 1 – 31 …  Try this unique holiday offer!

Choose either a 15-minute Scalp, Hand, or Calf Massage with a 30-minute Classic Foot Reflexology 75-minutes for $95 + GST

Indian Head Massage and Indian Foot Massage are other forms of reflexology. Indian Head Massage focuses on massaging the face, scalp, neck, upper back and arms to break down knots and nodules in muscle tissue to stimulate better blood flow and circulation. It relieves: eye strain, tension headaches, ear and jaw aches, tinnitus, and sinus congestion. Indian Foot Massage focuses on massaging the soles of the feet and lower legs to re-balance the body’s entire energy flow, treating: achy tired feet, joint and limb immobility, and muscle strain. Both treatments aim to  detoxify and re-balance the body’s energy.

Reflexology is an ancient non-invasive healing art that takes a holistic approach to reducing stress, and other forms of discomfort, by focusing on the central nervous system.

Reflexology gets to the root cause of the complaint. We all have reflex points on our feet, hands, ears, and face that directly correspond to the body’s organs (e.g., liver, kidneys, lungs etc.) and systems (e.g., lymphatic, endocrine, muscular, etc.). When gentle to firm pressure and massage are applied to targeted reflexes, it triggers a positive effect that allows the body to relax, release endorphins, and open internal blockages brought on by pain and stress. Reflexology treats many conditions, including foot pain (e.g., Plantar Fasciitis), shoulder, neck and back pain. It helps tackle some physiological issues too, such as depression, anxiety, and lack of concentration.