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Spring Clean Your Body: Lemon Water

It’s time to do some spring cleaning! Besides cleaning out your attic, closets, garage, and yard … don’t forget about cleansing your body too. Today’s blog is the second in a six-part series on cleanses.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water!

It’s easy to make and is fantastically effective in helping with stomach aches, cramps, bloating, and more. Lemon water improves the secretion of your digestive juices, which enables easier digestion. It flushes out toxins and cleanses the liver. Lemons contains Vitamin C with boosts your immune system, and some consider it an antibiotic. Lemon water freshens your breath, helps keep your skin blemish-free, aids in losing weight, and help alleviate joint pain by reducing inflammation.Make drinking lemon water part of your morning routine. Just squeeze a few lemons in a glass full of warm water and drink it every day.

Have questions? Simply reach out to me at Step Forward to Better Health.

I acknowledge that this image is borrowed from the Benefits of Lemons on May 29, 2017. Thank you!


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