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Spring clean your mind!

What with COVID-19 swirling around us, it’s difficult to feel in control of many things. But what you can control is your mind. Thankfully, March has turned into April today meaning winter is transforming into spring. What a great time for spring cleaning to be on our minds. It’s time to start fresh. This seasonal shift is a good time to tune up your mental and physical health. Why give our living spaces all that attention at this time of year? Let’s celebrate some mental and emotional spring cleaning too.

Here’s some tips on doing some ‘internal’ spring cleaning. Start with a taking stock by asking yourself: How do I feel right now in my life? It’s a simple starting point to get back in touch with yourself, determining what has changed for you and where do you want to go next.

Schedule Space

Just as you’d set aside some time to clean out your home, jot down some time in your diary now to give yourself that same attention. Finding space to self-reflect is an easy way to check-in with your mental and emotional self. Make it enjoyable by going to a local café or the park keeping in mind that the crucial task is just schedule this time. When we’re specific about where and when our new behaviors will take place, we’re more likely to follow through and keep to task.


Feeling of being overwhelmed occur when we’re trying to take on too much or spreading ourselves too thin. When it comes to making changes, simplify wherever possible. Break down goals into manageable steps and put them on your daily to-do list to increase your chance of success. This method also helps to release those feel-good dopamine’s each time you accomplish a step, a great boost to your mental and emotional well-being.


When tidying up and spring cleaning, think about if something is no longer working for you then it’s probably time to let it go. What’s still working and what’s holding you back? A valuable question you can ask yourself when stuck is: What would I say if I was talking to a best friend right now?


Bringing plants and fresh flowers into our homes are reminders of beauty, color, life, and energy. How could you do the same for your internal mental and emotional health?  Our brains need repetition to adopt new behaviors. Create ways to constantly remind yourself to bring this same ‘freshness’ into your conscious awareness. Share your vision with friends about how you want to be feeling, or simply some of the changes you’re making. You have a 65% greater chance of success if you commit your goal to someone else who can help mentor you and keep you accountable.

“Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or weeds.” – Unknown


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