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Should I sprint or jog to the shopping mall?

Seasons Greetings!  Perhaps on this 19th day of December you might be thinking of sprinting or jogging to the shopping mall to buy those last-minute holiday gifts that you’ve been putting off. So, which is better, sprinting or jogging? If you do an Internet search on  comparing these two modes, you’ll see that there’s a lot written out there as to how sprinting or jogging can be used to lose weight, build abs, improve heart health, body build, and more. Which is the better way to get exercise while at the same time burning  fat and getting a good cardio workout?

First, think about what you want to achieve. Some of us want to sprint around a track or the neighbourhood, and others of us who want to jog for the distance. Or, maybe you have no idea yet which will work best for you because you’re the average recreational runner, simply doing it for the overall fitness benefits.

When you sprint, you are pushing your body hard, using everything up so it’s critical to insert periods of recovery into your regime so that you don’t hurt yourself. Jogging on the other hand allows you to run long and easy. Jogging won’t allow your to burn carbohydrates, but sprinting will. As you push your body harder and faster by sprinting you’re:

  • giving your body a ‘good type’ of stress;
  • demanding that your body speed up burning fat and carbs;
  • burning more calories.

But don’t go nuts. Even expert sprinters do 3 heavy duty workouts per week. Doing more than that will be counterproductive because you may burn yourself out, begin storing  calories, become moody, and acquire poor sleep habits. Be kind to yourself. Some fitness instructors actually say to do both, meaning jog sometimes and sprint other times, because changing up the pace is key. Contact your local fitness center to see it you can get them to help you design a get-fit running plan that folds in a variety of elements such as: sprints, slow long distance runs, tempo runs, and of course some strength training.

Have questions? Need advice? Simply reach out to me at Step Forward to Better Health.

I acknowledge that this image is called ‘Sunrise-Running’ by Litairian, borrowed on December 19, 2016. Thank you!


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