Learn what clients are saying about Lis Kunzi regarding her reflexology expertise:

I have suffered with back, hip, leg and foot pain for years.  When I made my first appointment with Lis I was willing to try something different for pain management as other practitioners helped but just for a short period of time.  After just four treatments, the sciatica has calmed down, my back and leg pain has reduced significantly and my feet aren’t hurting for the first time in years!  I wish I had met her years ago but I am so thankful I found her and am so happy with results from her treatments.  I was hesitant to do a lot of things because of the constant pain but I now feel better overall and I am out and about more.  She is a true professional and explains things clearly.  I’m amazed.

Margaret Pardy, Calgary, Alberta

My neck and back had been bothering me for 3 months. I went to a chiropractor several times and nothing seemed to ease or lesson the pain. My husband found Lis and said after viewing her history that he felt she is the one I should see. So, I gave it a try. Lis was very friendly and welcoming and her treatment was truly amazing! I couldn’t believe how good I felt afterwards. My pain was relieved, still there, but now I could move my head side to side and up and down which I couldn’t do before her treatment. A week later, I saw Lis again and once again, she was able to lesson the minor pain I still had. Lis is very committed and compassionate about her work and I would recommend her to anyone.

Melodie Timleck, Calgary, Alberta

My testimonial is about reflexology and more directly aimed at your treatments Lis.  I believe I received my first reflexology treatment 18 years ago this month. Wow, how does time devolve so quickly. I was at a very hectic time in my lifer and had also just received confirmation of a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. At this time of overload a friend recommended trying this modality. I researched reflexology and liked what I learned. The practitioner I saw for many years left Calgary and Lis Kunzi was recommended. I was told she was a good practitioner and was familiar with M.S. so I made an appointment and 6+ years later I see Lis once a month. Lis is very knowledgeable about the body and is able to modify the treatment to address any ailments as they arise. 5 years ago I received a diagnosis of ostio arthritis and arrived for a treatment and instinctively Lis shifted the treatment to meet my then need. During the next year I learned even more  how Lis follows her intuition and uses her many learned methods to assist healing. Because I had developed a trust in Lis I was able to experience her depth of knowledge as she intuitively added to my treatments. Sometimes it may have been holding my foot a certain way for release of stuck energy or someone may call it tension. Over the past 5 years the arthritis has either gone into remission or as Orthopedic specialist say it burned itself out. No doubt that reflexology was a contributor to this healing. As for M.S. I truly believe that treatments given by Lis is one of the major modalities that has help keep it under control and me mobile during a period of extra health stress. I without any hesitation would recommend Lis Kunzi for reflexology treatments.

I also receive occasional  Indian reflexology as well as Indian head massage treatments from Lis. I do believe the Indian head massage is very stimulating to energy flow to the cranium and brain. Again, the Indian foot treatment is very simulating to the whole of my legs. One thing I know for sure is that my whole body benefits on a different yet amazing way from this combination. If you have not embraced in these treatments I highly recommend you do! Yes, I guess that by now you understand I am am a firm believer in either style of treatment. Thank you Lis for your healing hands and work.

Marietta Archer, Calgary, Alberta

“Since beginning reflexology sessions with Lis in the summer of 2011, I have experienced results and relief in a number of areas. The two that really stand out for me are as follows:

Four year ago, I have some very extensive and troublesome dental work done which resulted in three molars having root canals done one them. Last fall, the problems and pain resurfaced, then settled down enough for me to have crowns put on two of the teeth. Late this spring, early summer I encountered extreme pain and discomfort, to the extent that I could not even touch my teeth together, let alone chew something. It was waking me up at night and keeping me up, not to mention, I wasn’t eating anything that I had to chew. This lasted until my dentist discovered my bite was really off. Once she adjusted the bite (a few times), the teeth began to heal and return to a normal state, however, they were still very tender and there was pain akin to ‘phantom pains’. At this time, I had a session with Lis and when she asked “how I was doing”, I relayed the story to her. She listened and said nothing, but began to work on my foot. During the session, I realized she went back, one or two times, to the top side of my toes on both feet. When the session was finished, I got up from the table, amazed to realize, the soreness and throbbing in my gums was totally gone. I asked what she had done and she told me she had stimulated the points that corresponded to that area of my body. She also showed me how I could do this to myself at home, should the discomfort return. If someone else had told me this story, I would not believe it….but it happened to me…..so I’m sold.

When I started with Lis, I was experience occasionally sharp pains running along the tendons on the bottoms of both feet. Within the first two sessions, this completely disappeared and I was able to walk for hours again instead of having to stop and go home to soak, elevate and rub my ‘poor old dogs’.

Lis’s knowledge of body physiology and what reflexology can do to help in each area is exceptional. She actually listens to what you are saying to her, and is so perceptive, she even picks up on what you are not saying.

Now that I am no longer an ‘iffy believer’, I am especially looking forward to my body systems becoming stronger, more balanced and having better overall health.”

Myrna Winter
Records & Information Manager
Strategic Group, Calgary, Alberta

“In 2000 I had an epidural to remove a tumour in my bladder, the next morning my toes and soles on both feet were numb. This never went away obviously they had hit my spine. Ten years later I decided to try reflexology. After my first treatment I had quite noticeable relief. After the second treatment my left foot was nearly normal again, my right foot is noticeably better and I will continue the treatments. I would recommend trying reflexology to anyone with foot problems.”

Ray Sailer, Calgary, Alberta

“Lis has been an wonderful asset to Wellspring Calgary. Her reliability, professionalism and dedication to our members has sincerely been appreciated. We thank her for her gift of time and talent. We are truly fortunate to count Lis as a member of our team.”

Wellspring Calgary, Cancer Support Center

“I would like to thank you for coming into our centre to share your expertise with our senior members. Reflexology is something I am not familiar with other then the true experience of total relaxation. I have been very fortune to able to purchase a 30 minute sessions of reflexology during my lunch hour with you. I’ll tell you it’s the best bang for my buck. Having a sometimes stressful life this time is all about me and my time to treat myself!! Sometimes you hit a tender spot but somehow it’s still so refreshing. I do look forward to you coming to our centre and wish more people could learn to treat themselves (it is not really selfish) and I believe Reflexology will aid in working towards a healthier life.”

Debbie Go-Getters, Calgary, Alberta

“Lis is a professional. Her excellent knowledge, her techniques, and her studio environment are superb. I feel rejuvenated and like I am walking on two fluffy pillows (not my feet) when I leave her treatment. I highly recommend her!”

Lori A, Calgary, Alberta

Learn what clients are saying about Lis Kunzi regarding her birth doula  expertise:

I could have written so much more, as it is really hard to express our gratitude and the difference that you made for us in words. Hopefully what I have written (attached below) will be a nice addition to your website. We also have a friend who is due in August and she is asking us about a doula so we will definitely be passing on your information to her. I am also going to send you some pictures of Sebastian by text. Let me know if you would like them emailed as well. Sebastian is doing awesome! He enjoyed his first trip to Montreal to meet Darwin’s family and we have another trip planned to Vernon at the end of July 🙂 He keeps us very busy but also brings us more joy than we ever could have imagined! Thank you again for being so fabulous!

Sarah & Darwin, Calgary, Alberta

So, we took the birthing class, read Ina May’s book, as well as a few others. Tried out the various positions. Practiced breathing. Listened to hypnobirthing CDs. Oh yeah, we were ready! And then the contractions started, and everything was instantly forgotten and/or ineffective … A natural birth was very important us. We especially wanted to avoid a C-section (which we did!). My wife was an absolute rock star during the birthing process. But I think we both agree that there probably would have been a different outcome had Lis not been there. When she arrived at the hospital, my wife and I were feeling pretty overwhelmed, this was not going like it was supposed to. Lis simply kneeled in front of my wife, put her hands on my wife’s knees, stared in her eyes, and calmed her down with that soothing, yet authoritative voice of hers. It was truly astounding to witness. She quickly got my wife back into proper breathing methods, rubbed her shoulders, and talked her through every single Pitocin-induced, painkiller-free, contraction. She stayed with us until after the birth, way into the wee hours of the morning.

Lis, I am forever grateful for what you did for my wife, and our little baby girl. Thank you…

Jean G, Calgary, Alberta

“I had the pleasure of working with Lis during my second and third trimester of my pregnancy. With this being my first baby, my body was constantly changing and my back and hips began to feel a lot of discomfort and pain. After seeing a chiropractor unsuccessfully for over six weeks I thought I would try some maternity reflexology as I heard good things and it seemed to relate to my belief systems about how the body and mind is connected.

To my surprise, from the very first visit I felt a big change. My back and hips almost immediately started to feel loose allowing more movement and much less pain. I also felt an incredible sense of relaxation before, after, and during our sessions which was something I began to really look forward to on a weekly basis.

I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy one day after my due date. Three days prior I had seen Lis and asked her to do a treatment specifically to help along and perhaps induce labour as I was ready to give birth. I remember leaving the session feeling almost light headed and so relaxed and at peace. Lis mentioned to me that she worked on my uterus and used a lot of compassion during our session and to this day I truly believe she did. It was one of the most powerful and beautiful sessions we had ever shared.

My labour and birth was nothing short of incredible. I was in labour for just under seven hours from start to finish and was able to endure the whole process drug free. It was the hardest test I had ever put my body through physically, and I was able to meditate through the very intense and frequent contractions. My sister and husband who were by my side the whole time said it was almost as if I had left the room during the contractions as my mind and focus went to another place.

I believe my labour and delivery story was as successful as it was because of the work I had done with Lis during my pregnancy. Reflexology prepared me for the birth of my son not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Being connected to your body the way you are in a session with Lis brings great benefits to your health and I am forever grateful for having her in my life.”

Kelley Abbey, Calgary, Alberta

“I worked with Lis as my doula during my pregnancy and birth. Lis is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions regarding labour, delivery, and post-natal from a more natural and holistic view. Being my first pregnancy, she gave me confidence throughout the whole process, helping me realize a natural, drug-free birth was very possible. I also received reflexology sessions which really helped in lower back pain and overall was very relaxing experience as the sessions were in the comfort of my own home.

During labour, Lis was my rock. She got be through each contraction and was amazing support. Between her coaching me how to breathe, massages, and stimulating acupressure points, the labour and birth was a beautiful experience that I know would not have been the same without her. I would recommend Lis as a doula to any pregnant woman. Not only was she crucial support for me, but my husband too, as he agrees, he couldn’t imagine a birth without a doula. I believe having a strong, caring, birth expert, and woman with you during these times can make all the difference in your birthing experience, and Lis is all and much more!!”

Jennifer Lau, Calgary, Alberta

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