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The Beauty of Chan’Beaute’s Facial Reflexology

There’s an old idiom that says ‘beauty is only skin deep.’ Sure, it’s true because we know that external beauty does not automatically translate into someone being good, kind, or necessarily possesses other positive qualities. But you can be beautiful inside an out. Feeling attractive is very important to our self-esteem; it’s one of the corner stones for our psychological and physical well-being. When we take care of ourselves and feel positive about our looks, we also feel vibrant, healthy, and uplifted. But, it can take work to feel this way. So where can we seek help?

Reflexology can make us feel beautiful through a therapy called Dien Chan. It’s a safe, natural, and holistic therapy that has emerged out of Vietnam.

Dien Chan focuses on about 257 reflex points in the face. Using the beauty and aesthetic part of Dien Chan called Chan’Beaute, these techniques aim to massage the face and stimulate its reflex points to foster many positive things in the face and body, both externally and internally.

When you are the recipient of Chan’Beaute, on the surface of your skin exfoliation, moisturizing, and improved skin tone will be some of the results you’ll immediately see and feel. Puffiness under the eyes is reduced, tension lines become softened, and your complexion glows. These techniques firm your facial muscles by working on reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet, saggy skin, liver spots, and fine lines. Hooray! But, there’s more going on.

Built on the same principles as reflexology, Dien Chan (also called facial reflexology or multireflexology) aims at targeting and treating the root cause of what ails you inside. What this means is this: when receiving Chan’Beaute techniques through gentle pressure, finger stroking, and massage, under the surface of your skin, the energy channels that run throughout your body begin to open and unblock.  Endorphins are released, helping to calm the mind and de-stress the body. There’s an improvement in lymphatic drainage, and improved blood flow. Neck and back pain are alleviated, tight shoulders and migraines disappear, and hormonal imbalances corrected.

In a nutshell, while I am working gently on your face, I’m also working on treating weaknesses in your body. What a relaxing way to receive a beauty treatment aimed at sparking facial rejuvenation while at the same time it’s helping you get your body re-aligned. When we are relaxed and our energy is re-balanced, our body works more efficiently and is in-sync. Naturally the result is that we’re going to be healthier therefore happier, and by looking great we feel great.

Come spend a luxurious hour with me, having your face massaged and tingled. Let me help you feel beautiful inside and out!

Image borrowed from the Reflex Info at Lyon Refexologie website on June 21, 2016.
Image borrowed from the Reflexologie de Toulouse, website on June 21, 2016.


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