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Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

For decades, companies rarely if ever invested any resources in taking care of their employees physical and mental well-being. It was practically unheard of. If there was any talk of introducing such programs, management and workers alike considered them “fluffy” activities and gave them little attention or appreciation. However, over time attitudes have changed. Stress in the workplace is expected. Excessive stress is on the rise.  Being completely ‘stressed out’ at work does directly impact on workers’ productivity which in turn impacts on their physical and emotional health. With today’s economy being what it is, what with massive layoffs, dwindling profits and budget cuts, downsizing moves, and stagnant wages, workers are very fearful. These fears play into dramatically raising stress levels.

Companies and corporations are finally coming to grips with this reality. Many of these changes being put in place are resulting in the re-design of the workplace. These are just a few that come to mind:

  • Redesigning work spaces to include restful lounges, more natural light, and green spaces;
  • Designing collaborative meeting spaces;
  • Investing in buying ergonomic office furniture;
  • Supporting Fitbit and other monitoring devices;
  • Offering standing desks, and treadmill workstations;
  • Providing healthy office snacks and eliminating sugar-laden drinks;
  • And a whole lot more …

Workplace WellnessWe are also witnessing the proliferation of the creation of solid and meaningful workplace wellness programs. Like the holistic benefits that  reflexology gives to ones’ mind, body, and spirit, today’s workplace wellness programs are designed to be holistic too. They now focus on a whole suite of activities to create a motivated, and well-performing workforce. These include:

  • Designing flexible work schedules;
  • Offering financial planning sessions;
  • Activities to promote volunteerism;
  • Smoking cessation programs;
  • Weight reduction lectures;
  • Chronic disease support;
  • Health Fairs, and Flu Shot Clinics;
  • Programs to reduce back and eye strain;
  • Scheduling “walking meetings;”
  • Buy lunches and other meals during important “crunch times;”
  • Inviting experts in to teach a wide variety of topics such as: healthy cooking, exercise routines, and alternative therapies!

So, if you’re a Calgary based company or corporation, know that I would gladly arrange to provide a 50-minute program that provides awareness of the benefits of reflexology for personal health and well-being. Let me help you increase your company’s returns by helping to create a happy and healthy workforce.

Image borrowed from the Derby Recreation Commission website on 30 May 2016.



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