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Why you should go see reflexologist!

I was nervous and yet thrilled at the same time, it was finally time to go see Lis and my 1st time going to see a reflexologist.

Why you should go see reflexologist!

As I came to the door, she greeted me with a friendly smile and I handed her my intake forms which she graciously emailed to me before hand. We talked about my situation and if I had any health concerns. It was then down the stairs to her Reflexology studio for my 1st treatment.

After she cleaned my feet ( I was little embarrassed of my black sock fuzz ). She started working on me.

I was asked to lie down on her reflexology table, and we started talking about what was happening in my body. Lis  studied my feet for some time and just by looking she already had some indication of what conditions I might be suffering from .
I was in heaven, now I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like a good foot massage, but don’t let her hear you saying the word “foot massage: because it isn’t!

She was very clear to correct me that this was a reflexology treatment and she started to explain to me why as well what was happening to my body from the pressure points on my feet. By relieving the congestion in certain reflex points will restore the balance and homeostasis in the body. The less interference we have in our body the better the body heals. The body has an innate ability to heal and it will heal the root cause of the problem.

Why you should go see reflexologist!

My session lasted an hour and I believe I nodded off possibly last 10 minutes as it was so wonderfully relaxing, I can’t tell you what a professional wonderful reflexologist, she  is! Having worked for more than 15 years,  as a Reflexologist she has lots of experience and knowledge. She know what areas that needs to be worked on to obtain the best results from each treatment. The rest is up to you and your body.

We also talked about  health condition(s) (for example, migraine, nausea, sciatica, etc.),  And she told me how she could work on areas to relieve the causes .

We then spoke about people who are suffering from migraines, the migraine points  are located in the big toe. Lis is very careful, mindful and very focused when she work, assessing and relieving the congestion or tension in the foot.

Throughout, my appointment she was present, grounded, and in a calm and centered state of awareness.

I was very impressed with her skill and knowledge level, and I had the best night sleep that night I’ve ever had.
If you’re looking for a phenomenal reflexologist in Calgary, Lis Kunzi is it.

Why you should go see reflexologist!

Written by Allan Fine, Calgary Alberta

If you would like any training  or information don’t hesitate to contact me!
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